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Shock! A toothpick can unlock a door? Better replaced your lock with a higher security smart lock!

- May 23, 2018 -

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In the eyes of many people, the toothpicks do not seem to have any other use than pick teeth. But it actually became a "good tool" at the thief. The thief could use it as an accomplice to theft.


A small toothpick, what a thief can use it for? For a clever thief, a toothpick is a "master key" that can open many kinds of lock. You do not believe that? Let’s take a look at this news from SIX AM Daily:


On January 16th, Ms. Wang from Yantai returned home and discovered that everything in her family was turned upside down. She then discovered that her jewelry and other belongings at home were stolen. After the incident, Ms. Wang immediately called to police.


The police rushed to the scene and found that Ms. Wang’s home security door and entry door locksets did not find traces of damage, and Ms. Wang commit that she had never lost her home door locks’ key before. The police judge this is a typical case of theft through technology. After more than a month of hard work, the police collected evidence from the scene and Skynet recourse. Finally, on March 13, the two suspects, Li Cheng and “Little Fat”, were apprehended.


According to reports, since last October, the two criminal suspects have purchased tools for committing crimes from the Internet, adopted techniques and tools such as technology unlocking and car remote-control masking devices, and committed more than 10 thefts. The amount involved was more than 50,000 yuan. In the process of committing crimes, Li Chenghe and his partner “little fat” can unlock the house door locks and slick into the room to carry out the valuable property with a simple tool such as a “toothpick” or a “convenient bag” only!



Although the report does not mention which grade of external door locks that the sufferer was using, but from the committing tool that used, it should be a lower grade A or B entrance door locks. At present, the market is a Super B-class or C-class exterior door locksets produced by a regular manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, simple tools such as toothpicks and convenient bags are difficult to open.


Therefore, for your home and family’s security, users are advised to upgrade their grade A and B locks with lower anti-theft levels into grade C or super B residential door locks, or replaces them with the most popular electronic door locks for homes. Perhaps many people are still worried that even mechanical locks that has been developed for thousands of years would not prevent the thief, the smart lock for home that developed for just a decades can handle this job?


Nowadays, with the maturity of technology, the stability and security of LOKIN smart locks are comparable to mechanical locks, and even better than mechanical locks:

LOKIN smart lock is equipped with anti-prying, anti-technical open, mischief and hacking prevention system and alarm function;

Inner handle with controllable anti-viewer opening button and switch;

304 stainless steel used for lock body, refused to be violently unlocked.


LOKIN smart lock can rest assured to the user. The smart lock is an intelligent technological product. It covers more than 20 fields and disciplines such as communication, ZigBee, biometrics, machinery, electronics, and materials. Although there are some smart locks with very low price on the market right now, they still have a certain difference, such as stability and security compared to LOKIN smart locks. It is recommended that you should look for reliable brands when buying smart locks, and go straight to the official outlet, authorized distribution agent and dealer to buy LOKIN smart locks.




Today, toothpicks can be unlocked the door. It is necessary to have a smart lock to protect your family's safety!

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