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Fingerprint lock introduction

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Unlock mode: fingerprint, password two kinds of open the door way

Lock tongue: single tongue

Color: Lock face and handle Chrome Material: Steel integrated

Open the door: left open, right open, push-type, pull-style


All-metal cast steel shell, stainless steel surface treatment, durable.

Fingerprint, password two open, safe and reliable.

30 fingerprint keys can be set to open the door lock.

Single tongue lock cylinder. Installation, easy to use.

The use of VLSI chips, equipped with a full set of preparation and cancellation of fingerprinting procedures, easy to operate.

Fingerprints can be canceled for processing, making it invalid, no need to replace the door lock.

In case of emergency, you can also use the mechanical key to emergency unlock the door.

China exclusive production, China's exclusive patent.

Particularly suitable for home, computer room, office and so on.

Processing technology

Locking surface using the most advanced integrated steel structure, the internal no artificial rivets and plastic parts, special technology to ensure that more durable locks, never loose, fully meet the public use of the environment, more destructive.

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