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Is there a future for traditional locks and keys?

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Technology is constantly changing and developing, which means that new innovative equipment and gadgets are always on the market. For example, heating and lighting systems can now be controlled via smart phones. Choosing a door entry system is no longer just a matter of choosing locks and keys.


Locks and keys have been used in very similar ways for centuries and have barely changed when they’re used in buildings. The principle of getting into the home or office - the simple act of putting the key into the lock and turning it - is now the same as it was hundreds of years ago.


But, like many other aspects of modern life, technology is changing the traditional way of things, and now we are seeing a series of new products gaining an important foothold in the security market. More and more products are available to grant access to buildings without the use of keys, such as code and biometric locks.


Touch screen

The market trend of entry systems is evolving to a higher level, and products such as password locks are becoming more and more popular. The door with the code lock can be accessed by entering a simple code. The system is easy to install - new locks can be quickly installed by removing existing locks. Programming is also very simple and you can easily create and change 4 to 12-bit pins. When needed, temporary codes can be created and deleted to allow visitors to enter the building.



There are even some locks on the market that do not require a key or code to open the door. For example, biometric locks use the latest fingerprinting technology to grant access to a building and require the user to place their finger on the reader to unlock the door. The biometric fingerprint code lock can store up to 200 fingerprints, and users can simply add and delete them from the device. No need to worry about losing keys or remembering passwords, it is ideal for use in high-traffic buildings. The lock provides ultimate security because it has blink deadbolt and a unique key that cannot be copied. In addition, fingerprint technology means that the locked system cannot be covered except for the designated key holder.


The above mentioned products are just a few examples, highlighting how the portal system has evolved and becomes more complex. So, with the popularity of these systems, what will the future of traditional locks and keys look like?



Smart phone

Some products on the market were only science fiction objects, but they now become reality. Like most gadgets and gadgets that we find ourselves using in today's society, this technology still exists here, and it is only possible to further develop.


As mentioned at the beginning, it is important to realize that smart phone is a powerful technology which can control or replace the various functions and devices around us. For many people, it has become a common tool when they need to take a photo or find a route. It is increasingly being used for home control of things like heating systems.


With this in mind, it is realistic to predict that smart phones may be used to open the door in the future. With the emergence of real-life examples, evidence of its potential can already be seen. Visitors to the Hilton hotel chain will soon be able to check in via a special cell phone-controlled lock and open the door to their room.


It is unlikely that smart phones will replace the key completely in the short future. Speaking of this, like all emerging technologies, devices have great potential to develop and change traditional ways. Nowadays we often use a lot of technology that was unheard of a few years ago. As more and more products enter the market, alternatives to locks and keys are becoming more popular, and it will be interesting to see if traditional entry systems will prevail.


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