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Learn about these seven features and buy a door smart lock become easily

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Learn about these seven features and buy a door smart lock become easily:


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1. Automatically locked

Once the "lock" is issued, the lock on door does not need to be twisted and will be fully locked.


2. Virtual password

You can enter any number before or after the password to open the door, increase the length of the password, and eliminate the possibility that the electronic keypad door lock opening password is peeped.


3. Voice prompts

Full voice prompts, easy to use settings, even for the elderly and children can easily use.


4. Lithium battery and emergency power supply

LOKIN smart home locks 6611 is with dual battery, each group of 4, with 5 # 1.5v AA alkaline batteries, outdoor emergency power supply 5v Micro-USB.


5. Touch sensing keypad

Abandon traditional mechanical buttons and let you experience sensitive touch like a smart phone.


6. Anti-riot alarm

In the event of a yoke lock or violent unlocking, the warning alarm sounds long-lasting.


7. Left and right interchangeable

The handle of the smart home door lock can be interchanged right and left, and the installation is more convenient.

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