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Lies for Selecting of Front Door Lockset

- Jun 30, 2018 -

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1, “Shop around, choose the cheap one”. Entry door lock set is different from the other kinds of consumer items. Consumers can only see the appearance of entry lock, but its internal quality is hard to be judged. Even experts, it is difficult to observe the quality of a new front door lock by look at it sometimes. It is suggested that consumers not choose cheap door entry locks, but should consider it quality. The service life and security of home entry systems are more important and critical.

2. “The heavier the door deadbolt is, the more solid the material is included”. The weight cannot be judged by the intrinsic quality of the product.” Some unscrupulous manufacturers inject cement into the hollow, so that the lock is heavy. It is suggested buying a lock with famous brand is more secure.

3, “Only concerned about the appearance of the main door lock set, do not care about the lock body and cylinder”. When consumers choose to main door lock set, they often pay attention to the style of the entry lockset, but most of the after-sales problems are come from the lockcase and cylinder

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