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One stroke to Inspect if Your Home Door lock is in Security Level

- Jun 30, 2018 -

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How to detect the security of your own entry lock set? For this, someone in the unlocking industry has a small trick: “First insert half of the key into the door lock cylinder, tighten it in one direction, and then continue to insert it. If it is smooth, it means that your home cylinder door lock is basically safe; if the resistance is not smooth in the process of inserting, then you should pay attention to your cylinder lock, this should be a cylinder that easier to be unlocked. its security It is not high.” In the past, locks could be replaced for a long time, because the unlocking technology was in the hands of a few people and there was no internet communication. However, nowadays, new door locks are often to be updated from time to time. For the security of your family, it is suggested upgrading your home security door locks each 3 or 5 years.


C-level lock is no longer a marketing gimmick


At present, the main anti-theft door locks sold by businesses mainly include Class A, Class B, and Class C lock cylinders, and they all claim to be highly safe. Judging from the sales records, the C-level lock core is currently very popular among consumers. The C-level lock is no longer a marketing gimmick. It has already existed because the National Ministry of Public Security has already issued a C-class anti-theft standard. LOKIN was the first company in Guangdong  Province to got a C-class anti-theft certificate.

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