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- Nov 08, 2017 -

For most people, the lock most familiar to you is the standard lock on the door. Normally have a lock

An active latch or latch is embedded in the door and can extend from the side of the door. Lock against the door on the one

Notch. When the lock is turned, the lock bolt extends into the notch in the door frame and fixes the door. When the bolt is retracted,

The door is free to switch.

There is only one mission for a dead lock, which is to allow a person with a key to easily move the latch without a key

It's hard for people to move it. So how does it do that?

Most of the dead lock cylinder lock. For a cylinder lock, the key rotates a cylinder called a cylinder

This drives the attached bolt. When the lock cylinder is rotated in one direction, the lock bolt retracts the lock bolt so that the door can do so

opened. When the lock cylinder rotates in the other direction, the lock tongue releases the lock bolt, the spring bounces the lock bolt into the locked position,

This door can not be opened. Dead lock no spring mechanism, driven by the rotation of the cylinder lock latch before and after sliding.

A dead lock is safer than a spring lock because it is difficult to push a dead lock latch into the door from the side of the door.

Cylindrical lock inside a mechanism, only the correct key to unlock. The main difference between different lock design

It is the nature of this organ. One of these is the pin design, which is the most common type of mechanism, too

The easiest to pry open a body.

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