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Why suggesting you having a smart lock for your house? Here are the actual experience from the users!

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Tag: electronic keypad door lock, keyless door entry, keyless home entry, keyless door locks for home, digital front door lock


In the 21st century, electronic keypad door lock slowly entered our world and increasingly influenced our behavior.


So what changes did the keyless door entry bring to our lives?

LOKIN digital front door lock.jpg


  The family is no longer afraid of being stolen

The lock is a fire protection line to protect the safety of family property and personal safety. However, the traditional locks in the country have not met the requirements for theft prevention. The thief can be opened in minutes without security.


The keyless home entry lock structure consists of mechanical ferrules, electronic motherboards, fingerprint collectors, and other components. The cooperation of these components gives the keyless door locks for home more intelligence. Some fingerprint locks will immediately issue an early warning sound when they are subjected to external violence. They wake up illegal unlocking and play a very good protective role.


Go out without checking if there is a house key with you


Now the three items that need to take with you when you go out are the purse, the key and the mobile phone. The whole bunch of keys brings us a lot of troubles, forgetting to leave them on the body, and being afraid of losing in your pockets.


The emergence of keyless door locks for home solves this problem perfectly. Your fingerprint is the key, through the fingerprint comparison, combined with computer information and other technologies to unlock the door, a little finger, easy to open, convenient and quick.

LOKIN keyless home entry released your hands.jpg


Who can understand the pain of rejection?


How to take out the key from your pocket/bag when you shopping back with two hands full? How to morning run if carry a bunch of keys with you? How to get into the house when your wife refuses to open door for you because she get angry with you for going home late??


The smart lock can get rid of such embarrassments from you. It saves a lot of complicated opening steps, and it unlocks the door locks by only one step. It is quietly changing people’s lives with fast, safe and smart features. People are no longer worried about their keys. They are not worried about their family and home security, and they can even express their lifestyle in the process of using f digital front door lock. Enjoy leisurely life.

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