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How many types of material are available to produce a cylinder?

- May 22, 2018 -

There are various types of material for producing a cylinder, for example plastic, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, brass, etc. A cylinder has three parts mainly: cylinder casing, cylinder plug, and cylinder pins.   

·Cylinder Casing

Black plastic cylinder casing, aluminum cylinder casing, zinc alloy cylinder casing and brass cylinder casing are optional.

*Brass cylinder casing is the most durable cylinder casing among these choices.

·Cylinder Plug

Aluminum cylinder plug, zinc alloy cylinder plug and brass cylinder plug are possible alternatives. As for brass cylinder plug, there are hollow brass cylinder plug and solid brass cylinder plug, hollow brass cylinder plug is also regarded as “rib brass cylinder plug”.

*Solid brass cylinder plug is the strongest cylinder plug among these options.    

·Cylinder Pins

Iron cylinder pins and brass cylinder pins are available choices.

*Brass cylinder pins are recommended as brass has a better performance for long-term use.    

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