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Why do the LOKIN smart locks retain keyhole?

- May 28, 2018 -

Tag: electronic door locks for homes, smart front door locks, keyless entry front door, digital locks for home, smart gate lock, digital house lock


Generally, the keyholes of electronic door locks for homes are mostly kept at the bottom of the exterior panel, which is easy to hide, and some of them are under the panel. Sometimes, they are hidden with some decorative cap. Then the question arises, why should a cylinder, a seemingly original device, to be kept on the smart locks? Isn't it extra for a smart lock? In fact, there are some foreign brands that do not retain the mechanical key, because there is still a certain market in foreign countries accept such advanced concepts.

LOKIN smart front door locks (model 6601).jpg


When the electronic part of smart front door locks failure, you can unlock the lock through key to enter the room. However, if it is a keyless entry front door, you may have to disassemble or even destroy the panel to try to unlock for accessing when there’s failure on the smart lock. In this case, the entire after-sales cost will go up.

In some of the more traditional consumer perceptions, retaining keyholes also retains a sense of psychological security for decades of unlocking habits. This sense of security becomes especially important when new things come in and challenge. Some consumers may refuse the digital locks for home just because there is no key with the lock. This is very common in daily sales. After all, the key to a person and a family is to play the role of security protection. It is such a crucial thing, naturally giving consumers a stronger sense of security.

In fact, if you simply from the perspective of consumers, one more feature is always make the consumers feel better, although this one is not an intelligent function.


Therefore, in a short time, so the smart gate lock on the market is still to retain the key hole. Although the concept of consumption changes gradually, there will be some people who do not care about this section. In the future, after the whole smart lock industry matures, consumers will probably only look at the products design. When purchasing digital house lock, styles will become the first choice of choice.

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