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Why Intelligent Door Lock Becomes More and More Popular?

- Jun 07, 2018 -

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Use smart lock for home has advantage as below:

No longer need to take the key

Don't worry about the key being lost or broken

Children don't have to put keys on their necks

You don’t need a key for everyone at home

Don’t worry the wind blew the door shut when you take out the garbage without key.

No longer need to wake up your wife, parents to open door for you in the middle of the night

Guests can come to visit your home by temporal password at any time.

Temporary entrance to the home by password without having to wait to open door by the family.

When nanny or tenant leave, you do not need to change the lock..

When you come home from shopping, you do not need to search for keys any longer.

The most important thing is to keep thief from getting into your house from door.


The advantages of Lokin best smart door lock:

1, Distinctive and modern appearance and wisdom innovation from new generation designer from  United States.

2, The trim (panel and lever handle are made by authentic material, national free inspecting zinc alloy.

3, the world's first electromechanical separation modular design, free after sale.

4, Removable internal electronic modules inside the fingerprint lock. Convenient for future upgrade or maintenance.

5, Exclusive of your unlocking authority. When the back-lock function is turned on, only the master can open the door from the outside.

6. Prevent unlocking by illegal way. The inside handle has the function of preventing unlock the door by special tool through door viewer.

7. The front panel is equipped with anti-smashing alarm, anti-saw, anti-sert.

8. Lokin, a manufacturer with 30 years of locksmith spirit, develop, design and produce mortise lock parts, grade C lock cylinder, dual keyway all by the company’s team. We are also capable with opening mould, die-casting, polish, as well as source development.

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