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Your fingerprint security lock does not response? LOKIN teach you how to solve the problem!

- May 23, 2018 -

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Nowadays, fingerprint scanner door lock has been considered as an ancillary facility of a high-end residential area.

Use human fingerprint recognition to enter can effectively reduce burglary incidents and improve home security levels.

  LOKIN fingerprint security lock.jpg



As an electronic product, you will encounter some problems in long-term use

Ordinary problem can be self-checked by the end user

How to solve the ordinary problem by yourself?

How to eliminate failure when it happened? 


     The most regular problem is the battery is dead or the circuit is faulty. Common fingerprint reader door lock uses AA alkaline battery or storage battery.


    Fingerprint lock power supply by 4 AA alkaline batteries, which can be used for about a year in general. There’s another kind of fingerprint front door lock with two sets of circuit systems for two sets of 4 AA batteries. One set of battery is used for supporting fingerprint circuits, and another is for password circuits. Generally, the batteries can be last for about one year and a half.


Here are the solutions!


Solution 1

When the lock with fingerprint is run out of battery and people are indoors. You can directly open the cell box cover and replace with brand new AA alkaline battery to resume normal use.

 LOKIN fingerprint reader door lock.jpg

Solution 2

The finger door lock can also be powered by emergency charging, such as mobile phone or power bank, which can connected to the finger door lock for temporary use.

 LOKIN fingerprint scanner door lock.jpg

Solution 3

If there is not power bank or mobile phone for emergency charge, you can use an emergency mechanical key to unlock it. According to industry regulations, any kind of electronic front door lock has to be supply with mechanical key, and you can use a key to unlock it.

 LOKIN fingerprint front door lock.jpg

Solution 4

If there’s failure on circuit which usually caused by circuit boards burned, short circuited, solder joints missing contact, etc., required professional person for maintenance. Please call for after-sales service department of the supplier to solve the problem!

LOKIN lock with fingerprint.jpg

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