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Lever Lock Set

Lever Lock Set

Features of 3312 lever lock set:Available for all kinds of wooden doors and metal doors.Easily reversible for left and right handing. 2 in 1 mechanism, combined with advantages of cylindrical and tubular structure.

Product Details

Lever lock set



Product Name: 3312 Key-in-lever Handle Lockset- Stainless steel or brass rosette

Product Category:

Product Brief:

Model No.: 3312

1. Apply to all kinds of wooden doors and metal doors

2. Easily reversible for left and right handing

3. 2 in 1 mechanism, combined with advantages of cylindrical and tubular, offering a sprcial structure, excellent performance and strong operation feeling

4. Under correct installation and normal usage, the lever will not come down automatically in 10 years

5. Cylindrical chassis, anti-pry and higher fire –rated level


Model No.: 3312


♦ Applicable to many kinds of wooden door and metal doors. 

Trim: Made by Solid zinc alloy die-casting, raw material is from torch brand, top grade in China. 


1. Solid zinc alloy die-casting three-piece latch

2. solid zinc alloy die-casting for cam, strong and durable

3. With anti-insert function,high security.

4. With silent-closed function, make your life less noisy and more confortable.

5. Solid stainless steel for forend and strike plate



1. High quality solid brass cylinder (brass casing,plug and pins)

2. Kwikset keyway, 5 pins, processed with high precise CNC mechines,pin-combination is much more than international standard,high security

3. Each set with 3 pcs keys made by solid brass


Qty / Ctn :20 sets

G.W:21 kgs


 Supplying function: Entrance, Bathroom, Passage.


Door thickness: 

Standard 35-55mm 

Supplying finish:



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