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Lever Lockset

Lever Lockset

Features of 3311 lever lockset:Available for all kinds of wooden doors and metal doors.Easily reversible for left and right handing. 2 in 1 mechanism, combined with advantages of cylindrical and tubular structure.

Product Details

Lever lockset


Product Name: 3311  Keyed Entry Door Lever Set with Round Rosette Satin Chrome Leverset

Product Category:

Product Brief:

Model No.: 3311

1. Apply to all kinds of wooden doors and metal doors

2. Easily reversible for left and right handing

3. 2 in 1 mechanism, combined with advantages of cylindrical and tubular, offering a sprcial structure, excellent performance and strong operation feeling

4. Under correct installation and normal usage, the lever will not come down automatically in 10 years

5. Cylindrical chassis, anti-pry and higher fire –rated level


Model No.: 3311



Qty / Ctn :20 sets

G.W:21 kgs

 Supplying function: Entrance, Bathroom, Passage.


Door thickness: 

Standard 35-55mm 

Supplying finish:


AB (US 5) – Antique Brass

AC (US 11) – Antique Copper

ACC – Antique Coffee Copper

AN (US 15A) – Antique Nickel

ASL – Antique Silver

BLK – Black Paint

BN (US 17A) – Black Nickel

CCH – Coffee Copper Highlighted

CP (US 26A) – Chrome Polished

DAB – Dim Antique Brass

DAC – Dim Antique Copper

DSN – Dim Satin Nickel

GP – True Gold Polished

NP – Nickel Polished

OAC – Oil Antique Copper

ORB (US 10B) – Oil Rubbed Bronze

ORBH – Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlighted

PB (US 3) – Polished Brass


RG – Rose Gold

SB (US 4) – Satin Brass

SCH (US 26D) – Satin Chrome

SG – Satin True Gold

SN (US 15) – Satin Nickel

YB – Yellow Bronze


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