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A 1x40' Container For Interior Door Locksets And Safety First Door Lock Was Shipped Today

- Jun 06, 2018 -

After 40 days of production, we finally completed an order for 1x40’g container for one of our old customer. We have been cooperated with this customer for more than 13 years, but he never visits our factory even once. We knew each other on the fair in Hongkong in 2005, and he placed order to us very soon after the fair. We thought that it might because of the 1st order empress the customer a lot, he totally trust us after then and keep ordering from us for 13 years with each year for 10 containers at least.


We started from indoor door locks item like door knobs and locks, door handles internal and door knob with key. Later when we developed fancy door handles and locks for front door, he introduces the same items into their market immediately with great success.


The two companies are like twin brothers that know and trust each other very much. We always very grateful for meeting such customer that can grow up with us together!

LOKIN locks for front door.jpg

LOKIN interior door locksets.jpg

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