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Annual Summary On Production Of Door Locks In 2017 And Development Plan Of New Electronic Smart Lock In 2018

- Jan 06, 2018 -

On January 2nd, 2017, all of Fuyu Hardware staff took part in Annual Summary meeting, which was held by Mr. Liang Jingyun, our production management department manager. During the meeting, Mr. Liang Jingyun summarized our company achievements in 2017: we’ve got substantial improvements for our R&D, team building, and brand marketing.

As Mr. Liang Jingyun introduced, 2017 would be a momentous year in our company’s history, every step was very challenging, also reflected the difficulties and our determination of the third innovation. The main issues are as below:

1. We Fuyu Hardware has developed electronic entry door lock, electronic smart fingerprint lock, keyless apartment lock and the sale of smart fingerprint lock was more successful than expected in China mainland.

2. About the lock case, we developed 70*68 and 60*68 mortise lock case, which can be used for entrance lockset, interior lever door lock and so on.

3. We organized 3 business divisions, added 2 workshops for electronic smart fingerprint lock and 1 production line of mortise lock case.

4. In 2017, we took a lot of detour, made our biggest efforts and spent tremendous investment cost. In a word, we are planting a seed of hope, and expecting our company will have more fruitful achievements with the joint efforts of all members of our company.

After Mr. Liang Jingyun finished conclusion for 2017, in order to encourage our staff and create a healthy competitive environment, our administration department selected and gave prizes to several outstanding employees such as some who worked most efficiently, who gave achievement to improve products’ structure, who helped colleagues enthusiastically, who managed a best team with highest working efficiency and lowest defect rate, etc.

Next, Mr. Lai Fujin, our production director, made a speech to list our targets for 2018. As Mr. Lai indicated, informed by our achievements in 2017 and with “Security Is All” in mind, we’ve identified targets for us to focus on in 2018 as below.

1. R&D department will start ODM, launch and complete 3 main projects of entrance lockset for our business partners.

2. R&D department will upgrade 6612 series locks to be compliant to European and American standard, which means our electronic smart fingerprint locks will be fit for European and the USA markets.

3. In order to improve quality of mortise lockcase, mechanical door lock and electronic smart fingerprint lock, as well as maintain customer complaint rate lower than 1%, quality control department will strengthen inspection and send feedbacks to production management department.

4. Financial department will check each production procedure carefully to manage cost more effectively and ensure our high quality products can be easily available in door lock market.

5. We will set encouraging awards to stimulate innovation and design more advanced products, including electronic entry door lock, keyless apartment lock, and interior lever door lock by marketing research, customer survey and our clients’ feedbacks.

6. As global demand for our smart and secure locks has increased rapidly during last few years, to satisfy it perfectly in 2018, the production management department will take actions to increase our capacity of electronic smart fingerprint lock, mechanical door lock, and mortise lockcase by 20%.

Finally, our general manager Mr. Liang Fujian made a conclusion that although some drawbacks still exist, every member in Fuyu Hardware has contributed a lot to develop our “family”, he hoped we will cooperate together better in 2018 and wished all a happy new year!   


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