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Handle Lock Making Materials And Maintenance

- Nov 08, 2017 -

According to the material, the handle lock can be divided into space aluminum, stainless steel, copper die-casting, several kinds of zinc alloy, space aluminum, stainless steel material advanced, after surface treatment, shiny and beautiful, soft hand feeling, Rusty. Die-cast copper handle lock is more solid, affordable, and some poor quality zinc alloy handle lock is more easy to break, due to the zinc alloy handle lock surface copper, copper die-casting handle lock is not easy to choose from, available Setback knife in the two kinds of handle lock instead of frustration at the floor, brass pan for uranium die-casting handle lock, pan-white zinc alloy handle lock.

Daily maintenance

1, newly renovated houses containing a large number of corrosive gases, especially the paint on the wooden doors will emit formaldehyde and other corrosive gases, will seriously affect the service life of the lock, and even corrosion locks, routine ventilation to save indoor drying .

2, remove the lock handle surface dust and other debris, use a dry cloth to wipe the handle and lock body, remember to use a damp cloth or with acid, alkaline detergent cleaning.

3, the handle lock In the process of daily opening and closing the door, it is best to hold the handle screw the lock body, shut the door and then let go, do not force hit the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life.

4, handle lock After using for a period of time, there may be open not smooth phenomenon, do not drop into the lock cylinder ordinary lubricants or oil, with a professional lubricant drops into the lock cylinder can be repeatedly opened several times.

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