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How Do Fuyu Hardware Control Quality Well?

- Jan 22, 2019 -

Since the closing of the China International Exhibition in Beijing, more and more partners have come to join the Lekan Smart Lock Partner Consultation. LOKIN is willing to do the best fingerprint lock in the world, and will continue to make progress and strive to innovate as always. Develop and produce high-quality fingerprint locks with novel style, high quality and trustworthy for thousands of households. In the strict guarantee of the quality of fingerprint locks, the high-quality, secure fingerprint locks cater to the masses' choice of multiple choices.

   In order to ensure that each fingerprint lock is in good quality and the details are met in the manufacturing process, Fuyu Hardware has the manufacturing capacity of zinc alloy die-casting workshop, CNC processing workshop, stamping workshop, integrated assembly workshop and comprehensive laboratory; in addition, Fu Yu Hardware also has many years of experience in technical staff, skilled production staff, workshop facilities and processing technology to implement anti-static treatment; we carry out strict training for each employee, after the assessment issued a certificate.

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