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Review Of CBD Fair, Part 3: How Is The Development Trend Of Biometric Smart Lock?

- Jul 14, 2018 -

Tag: smart fingerprint lock, biometric smart lock, fingerprint lock system, intelligent fingerprint lock, fingerprint access control door lock, mechanical door lock, fingerprint access door, keyless home entry locks


LOKIN smart keyless door lock at CBD Fair.jpg

Huiya Media:


At present, smart homes are on the rise, especially in the smart fingerprint lock industry. What is your opinion on the development trend of biometric smart lock?


Mr. Liu Xiang (LOKIN Product Manager):


With the development of the times, every big enterprise that makes home appliances has begun to enter the fingerprint lock system industry, indicating that its trend has come. Moreover, consumers' consumption concepts and awareness are gradually improved, and the popularity of intelligent fingerprint lock is also increasing. Ultimately, fingerprint access control door lock will replace mechanical door lock. Overall, the market for fingerprint access door is very good, and the future development will be better.


The keyless home entry locks are hot products in the door lock industry right now, but it also shows a problem – the competition is fierce. The market has its good side and bad side, high-end and low-end item, items with advantages and disadvantages. There are also companies, which looks for long term business, and there some of them look for fast-earn money business, but the one that ultimately survived must be with their own production R & D and take the quality is the most important for their company.


Huiya Media:

Then, in the face of competition in the industry, what competitive strategy is LOKIN taking, positive competition or differentiated competition?


Mr. Liu Xiang (LOKIN Product Manager):


We take differentiating competition, products that make our own brand characteristics, do not follow the trend, insist on independent design, and manufacture products belonging to LOKIN.


Huiya Media:

Nowadays, there have been many changes in the home market. The generation after 80s and 90s have entered the consumer market and become the main force. How can LOKIN products attract this generation for the current consumer market?


Mr. Liu Xiang (LOKIN Product Manager):


If there is demand, there will be innovation, and innovation can promote the development of the industry and adapt to the market. One of the more concerned that generation after 80s and 90s is the appearance, and the second is the function. In fact, most consumers don't understand products when they buy, but they will like products with high value, high cost performance and many functions. Therefore, we will focus on this aspect when we research, develop, design and produce products. The appearance of our products is self-designed, relatively modern, simple, and has a patent for appearance. In terms of functions, I think is based on stability, the more practical the better, this is a development direction of our products, and also customized products for these customers for the generation after the 80s and 90s.

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