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How Is The Security Of Smart Locks?

- Mar 17, 2018 -

Many people feel that "Deep doesn’t leak." While the installation of anti-theft door fingerprint lock on the home door seems like saying "no 300 taels of silver buried here." So many people are concerned about the security of RF card open fingerprint lock, Is fingerprint identification safe or not?


Most of the burglary cases are based on technology unlocking. Most electronic password fingerprint lock are tamper-proof, and mechanical cylinders also have a very high anti- unlocking capability, so smart door lock in high quality and reasonable design are safer than traditional mechanical locks.


On the other hand, unlocking technology has to avoid people's eyes and ears. Therefore, in technology unlocking, the thief will check site beforehand. If the target seems difficult and may take time, it will be directly ruled out. Although there is no absolute security, as long as your own electronic door lock is better than someone else's home, then it is safe.


As for the security of fingerprints, there is actually no need to worry about. Unlocking the smart lock by taking the fingerprint on glasses like science fiction movies is almost impossible in reality. When purchasing fingerprint door lock set, one should pay more attention to the functions of drilling twist, picking resistant and anti-technical open, durability and other aspects, and how the manufacturers solve these problems.

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