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Innovative Technology And Brand Is A Powerful Country Of Hardware Accessories Industry

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Due to the rapid development of production technology of hardware accessories and the high price of labor force, the developed countries have accelerated the transfer of medium and low-grade products to the third world and only produced some high value-added products themselves.

In recent years, in Europe and the United States as the architectural hardware products in developed countries designed to easy to install and repair based, self-assembly (doityourself) products and tools greatly welcomed by the market.

China's exports of hardware products only earn 3% of total exports, not only the content of science and technology, but more importantly, the brand.

Brand includes a lot of content, including service, credit and so on. Credibility is gold, integrity business is the fundamental way. If we produce hardware products, do not paste people's brand, but to sell their own brand, but also the same as the selling price of OEM, then our GDP do not know how many turn over.

At the same time, bigger and stronger China's hardware industry, the involvement of major consortia is a key factor.

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