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Lock Accessories

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Lock accessories which can be divided into several categories

1, the door lock by type, can be divided into: electronic locks, padlocks, drawer locks, ball locks, mortise locks, marble locks, color locks, electric locks and so on.

Padlock: Padlock is used with the hanging buckle accessories. It has a variety of structures such as marbles, leaf padlocks, number padlocks and more. Can be selected according to different safety requirements and specifications.

2, according to the purpose of the door points, can be divided into: household door locks, room door locks, bathroom door locks, kitchen and access locks.

3, the door lock according to the material points, material points: wood locks, gold locks, silver locks, copper locks, iron locks, cloisonne lock.

4, the door lock according to the form points, the form points: circular lock, square lock, pillow lock, text lock, character lock, animal lock, password lock, dark door lock, inverted pull lock, barrel lock and so on.

5, the development of modern locks by the lock, the form points: password lock, induction lock (IC card lock), electromagnetic locks, biological locks.

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