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Lock DevelopmentⅡ

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Blade lock

In the 18th century, Danny Porter of the UK invented a cam rotor lock. The metal blade in the lock was rotated by a spring. The key inserted into the lock must be turned to contact with the notch of the bolt before it was turned on. The shape of the key blade lock is elegant, is recognized as a symbol of locks and keys, many countries made it a large golden key, presented to AIA, VIP, a symbol of respect, peace and friendship.

Pin lock

In 1848, American L. Yell invented the use of cylindrical bolt latch, humankind has since entered the modern lock era, the lock by the combination of the marbles so that the lock number from the original 2,500 changes to millions , Which greatly enhances the security and confidentiality of locks and has become the most commonly used lock in the world.

Sleeve core lock

1874 British Braum invented the sleeve core lock in the history of the lock has a milestone importance, different from the key alone to drive the lock plug the cost of human classical unlocking drive, the sleeve lock core lock The mechanism can be placed in a small sleeve, through the core as an intermediary, drive a small key for the lock control. The sleeve core structure also for the miniaturization of the lock laid the foundation.

Smart lock era

In the 1970s, with the application of microelectronic technology, a series of smart locks such as magnetron lock, voice lock, ultrasonic lock, infrared lock, electromagnetic lock, electronic card lock, fingerprint lock, eyeball lock and remote control lock appeared. These locks have high confidentiality and safety that are unmatched by the mechanical structure.

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