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Lock System Development

- Nov 08, 2017 -

As people's living standards improve, people's awareness of prevention and strengthening, therefore, the demand for high-end preventive locks continue to strengthen. Locks in the consumer market, biometrics, electronics and other high-tech products are still basically in a blank stage, but the market consumer demand for this respect has shown a 40% annual growth. In 2012, China's domestic lock market accounted for over 8,000 million U.S. dollars worth of high-tech products such as biometrics and electronic technology. This is definitely an attractive big cake.

The core technology of high-end locks in the hands of foreign manufacturers. The production of high-grade electronic locks, such as IC cards, TM cards, fingerprint locks and other products of the core electronic components are imported from abroad, so that China's high-end locks in the price, performance extension is limited.

Some high-end hotels, hotels and other locks rely mainly on imports, the domestic high-end locks market is still foreign lock control. It is the domestic lock industry to technology, high-end, smart lock to profit.

At the same time, foreign famous lock enterprises such as the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada and South Korea accelerated the pace of entering the Chinese market. Local brands and foreign brands ushered in a confrontation in the high-end lock market. Who can upgrade, so as to the largest cake.

A lock looks simple, but to go through 110 processes to complete the lock industry is both traditional industries, but also with high technology are closely linked to the ever-changing locking technology today, do not have the advanced equipment and design, do not have a High-quality batch of qualified professionals, enterprises are difficult to lead in the industry.

Overall, the Chinese-made lock industry lags behind that of foreign advanced technology, and the lock manufacturers are dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises with low-level redundant construction.

Some small enterprises lag behind equipment, is still in the purely mechanical manufacturing stage, from the collection of light, mechanical and electrical integration of the new lock far away from the field, to the entire lock industry has brought the quality is difficult to improve the hidden dangers. Lock each other high rate of openness, prevention is not strong also caused many consumers dissatisfaction.

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