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LOKIN Electronic Smart Lock Replacing The Tradition Mechanical Entry Lock Easiy

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Nowadays, electronic door locks become popular in the global market, more and more customers choose electronic lever handle fingerprint door locks. For example, our client Mr Chen, although his traditional mechanical entry lock was still very beautiful, he changed it to electronic keypad door lock and all current screw holes were covered perfectly.


  Why do more and more customers choose such kind of electronic keyless door locks? Let’s find out the reasons.

*       For higher security.

1. Electronic door locks, also known as electronic lever handle fingerprint door locks or electronic keypad door locks, are mainly opened by fingerprint and password instead of keys. Not like keys, fingerprint and password can not be duplicated, so you never need to worry about the danger of losing your keys.

2. There is an alarm buzzer in these keyless entry locks, once somebody try to break the lock or open the lock through illegal ways, the buzzer will warn you to avoid danger.

3. The system into electronic door locks will record names and time of people come and leave, you can check the list both on the lock screen and mobile phone application, it guarantees you keep aware of every visitor of your house.


*        For more convenience.

1. No need to take keys when we go out anymore. As for traditional locks, sometimes we maybe faced with trouble when we go out forgetting our keys. However, we can open electronic door locks without any keys whenever we want.

2. No need to be anxious anymore when we forget to lock the door or we’re not sure whether we lock the door or not. Electronic door locks will lock the door automatically after the door is closed.

3. No hurry when some important visitors wait at the door but you’re out accidentally. By mobile phone application, you can send a temporary password which is valid merely for one time to your visitors and let them wait in your house comfortably.


  Any questions for our electronic door locks for homes? Contact us now!





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