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LOKIN Leads The Industrial Of Intelligent Locks

- Jun 14, 2018 -

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In 2018, it was the 30th year that LOKIN devoted itself to the development and manufacture of entry lock and electronic door entry. LOKIN’s electronic lock for door has been committed to the innovative design and technology research of core technologies and intelligent security products for biometrics, and LOKIN’s entry door locks are well sold at home and exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. LOKIN always commits to solve troubles for thousands of families and provide new safe and convenient smart home experiences to end-users.

LOKIN intelligent locks.jpg


Mature and complete production line provides guarantee in-time shipment


LOKIN door digital lock production base, Zhongshan Fuyu Intelligent Lock Manufacture Co., Ltd, is located in Xiaolan, Zhongshan City, one of the top 100 towns in the country. It covers an area of 20,000 m2. It has hundreds of processes, including design, mold opening, die-casting, and assembly are finished in the same factory. There are dozens of production workshops and more than 300 production employees. With 100,000 sets of home smart lock and 4 million mechanical door lock annual output, LOKIN is one of the companies integrating OEM/ODM R&D and manufacturing.

LOKIN entry lock.jpg


Dozens of testing procedures, strictly guarding quality before shipment


The company has complete management system. It strictly follows the ISO9001:2008 international quality system for quality management. LOKIN focuses on every detail. We request the electric front door lock to meet more than 200,000 times all-round cycle test. Quality inspectors patrol and inspect products throughout the day to eliminate the production and outflow of defective products, and to create a high-quality, high-efficiency company. Digital gate lock is the first line of defense for family safety. LOKIN has always been cautious about quality and safety.


LOKIN electronic door entry.jpg

Independent research, development, design and production, providing customers with intensive solutions


As we all know, LOKIN is a professional company that integrates R&D, design, production, and sales. Apart from its solid strength in production, it is also devoted to R&D and design. Three appearance designers are committed to the design of product appearance, strive for diversification of product design, and strive to allow customers to always have a variety of choices. LOKIN electronic home door locks currently has 7 models, 6601, 6602, 6603, 6611, 6612, 6613 and 6615, multiple colors (Storm Black, Obsidian Gold, Jade Black, Galaxy Silver, Magnolia White, Glamorous Blue, Platinum Black etc. ). LOKIN smart house locks are fashionable, simple, and luxurious. They all come from the untiring efforts of designers.

 LOKIN CERTIFICATE FOR electronic lock for door.jpg

With 12 electronic engineers and 8 professional structural designers, the industry-renowned biometric identification team is dedicated to the research and development of biometric core technologies and intelligent products. It is their responsibility to continuously create new values for products. Trials and collisions of new technologies are the tasks that they must do every day. At present, LOKIN has won more than 30 national patents, with leading technology and taking the lead in the industry.

 LOKIN CERTIFICATE FOR entry door locks.jpg

Each component used in each lock is produced by LOKIN, from big part like the panel to the small part like screws, all because we want to ensure that each component is produced by the best raw materials, the most advanced equipments and molds.


With hidden design, a C grade cylinder with duel keyway (one side pin and the other side track cut leaf) is hidden at the bottom of the door smart lock. For emergency circumstance, the door can be unlock by an emergency mechanical key

 LOKIN door digital lock.jpg

Standard 60x68 mortise lock case with core components are all made by 304 stainless steel. Anti-panic is provide for users safty.

 LOKIN home smart lock.jpg

Zinc alloy die-casting trim with multiple style selection, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.

LOKIN  mechanical door lock.jpg


The circuit board is the key part of the digital home locks, which is produced in house.

LOKIN digital home locks.jpg


From the production of a screw to the assembly of a complete smart lock front door, each position is crucial. We always adhere to quality as the source of the company's development. We must not neglect everything. From the placement of small parts and the installation of a screw, one can see the production and management mode of an enterprise.


Many things do not need to deliberately prove as time is the best witness, LOKIN smart lock system for 30 years like the beginning of the day, always adhere to the ingenuity has long been forgotten by the public!

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