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New Electronic Intellegent 4 In 1 Lock Lanched In The 123rd Canton Fair

- Apr 28, 2018 -

The 123rd Canton Fair (Phase One) was held from April 15 to April 19, we FUYU Hardware/Lokin lock attended the fair and presented our latest designs to buyers and purchasers from overseas countries. Lots of customers showed their great interest in our intelligent fingerprint door locks, which have seven various designs including 6611, 6612, 6613, 6615, 6601, 6602, and 6603. These indoor fingerprint locks are mostly used as home fingerprint locks to achieve a more convenient and safer way to open doors.

Series 6613, as a series of interior fingerprint entry lock designed by inspiration of minority, it is called “Minority” series with a glass full screen and a hidden fingerprint sensor.

6613 lock, as a unique interior fingerprint door entry lock, has five main open ways: fingerprint, cipher (password), card, Bluetooth application, and backup mechanical keys. It can be opened by any of these ways as long as the system is set up correctly in advance. What’s more, the fingerprint sensor is protected by a pop-up cover to avoid being broken accidentally.


There are many great advantages for 6612 lock, one of them is applying high quality raw material, for example toughened glass full screen, zinc alloy side, semi-conductor fingerprint sensor, etc.



  Another great advantage of 6613 lock is anti-door viewer button to improve security, the door can be opened only after the anti-door viewer button is switched to open side, this function helps avoid any illegal ways to open the door through door viewer, and customers don’t need to worry about bad situations such as their kids or pets opening the door when they’re out of house.  


  As for surface finish of Series 6613, there are four colors available for selection including American Black, The Charm of Blue, Alaska White, and Dubai Gold.


In addition, we provide three kinds of lock bodies as options. Customers can choose standard lock body, heavy-duty lock body and ultra-heavy-duty lock body according to their needs.



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