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The Combination Of The Parts Market And The Industrial Area Is A Need For Development

- Nov 08, 2017 -

China has a vast territory, and the conditions for economic development in all regions are quite different. The hardware industry also has obvious regions. This is related to China's national conditions and is also a feature of China's hardware industry.

At present, the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta have become the fastest growing areas in China. In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone has become the fastest growing foreign investment in the region. In this situation, Jiangsu hardware industry has a huge advantage, this advantage can be expanded through the radiation hinterland, maintain and enhance this dominant position.

This for other hardware industry base in the country, we must first see that there is more than just enough knowledge, there is competition for development, but the development of the hardware industry belt is bound to adhere to the healthy competition among the various industries, which will also benefit each Regional hardware industry to enhance the vitality and speed up economic growth.

To do the market must be linked with the local needs and industrial development, the hardware market can not be an exception, which is the development of socialist market economy needs.

Every year, China exports more than 10 billion U.S. dollars of hardware products (excluding electromechanical products in the concept of generalized hardware), but the real profits are minimal. This is a very worthy concern for China's hardware industry and also a fundamental problem for China's hardware industry .

At present, China's hardware manufacturers have not yet reached the original accumulation and wealth accumulation to a certain extent, therefore, bigger and stronger hardware accessories industry takes a long time, it is inevitable.

In the process of internationalization, we have to deal with the challenges, hardware accessories must first do their own thing, to build a good platform to integrate resources.

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