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The Incredible Potential Of Smart Locks

- Mar 10, 2018 -

As an essential thing in the home life, lock plays a very important role in protecting the property and personal safety. It appears that the market of locks will always exist, and continuously strives to upgrade and improve. While with the development of internet and great opportunity of intelligent products field, more and more companies enter the market of keyless entry fingerprint door lock.

What kind of locks can be called electronic handle set? The most visible feature is “Keyless”, one is unlocking by fingerprint, iris, face recognition, touch control and other bio-identification method. Another is controlled by smart lock with App, built-in Bluetooth and WIFI internet intelligent locks. The internet smart lock dissolves the problem of losing keys, and it has the advantages of remote management, real-time query, warn of violent unlocking way, built-in lithium battery and chargeable functions, that makes the intelligent locks become an ambitious entry-level smart home products.

LOKIN is going to lounch new models of intelligent electronic keyless fingerprint passward card smart lock very soon!

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