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What Do Our Factory Produce?

- Jan 22, 2019 -

Professional production of aluminum alloy handle lock, zinc alloy handle lock,

Anti-theft door lock, stainless steel handle lock,

Iron handle lock, zinc-aluminum split lock,

Hardware products such as stainless steel hinges, stainless steel door stoppers and door mirrors.

The anti-theft door locks produced by the Ministry of Public Security were inspected. The series of hardware locks produced are gorgeous in appearance and high in quality. The sales of goods are sold all over the country.

The factory has strong strength, leading production technology, prudent management level, first-class products and perfect service system, strictly follow the operating policy of “follow the promise, scientific management, truth-seeking and pragmatic”, and constantly introduce new products to Adapt to the development of the enterprise and the needs of the mall.

The quality of the products produced by our factory is guaranteed, the supply is timely, and the service is thoughtful. We hope that the new and old customers will cooperate to find the prosperity of the shopping mall and let the times hold hands.

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