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Review Of CBD Fair, Part 2: What Products Did LOKIN Bring To The Show?

- Jul 14, 2018 -

Tag: smart lock fingerprint, code front door lock, access door lock, residential keyless door lock, fingerprint lock for home


LOKIN smart keyless door lock at CBD Fair.jpg

Huiya Media:


What products will LOKIN bring to us at the show?? What are the functions or features of this product?


Mr. Liu Xiang (LOKIN Product Manager):


At this exhibition, we bring all the series of smart lock fingerprint products from LOKIN. We develop, design and produce the whole fingerprint smart lock all by ourselves, including its circuit board, cylinder, lock body and the accessory. LOKIN code front door lock is innovative in its appearance and functionality, and has a novel design. This year, we have developed and produced a European-style lock in the industry, with unique features. European-style access door lock, the appearance may be very different from the industry, because this lock is developed by us. In addition, we have added an anti-viewer opening function, adding another highlight to this European lock. At present, the European residential keyless door lock on the market, in addition to LOKIN, no one company has done this function. The door fingerprint lock for entry must be safe, so we add this one, which is better than other products on the market.


LOKIN smart lock fingerprint at CBD Fair.jpg

LOKIN residential keyless door lock at CBD Fair.jpg

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