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Inside Door Locks

Inside Door Locks

Features of 2592 inside door locks:Available for all kinds of wooden doors and metal doors.Easily reversible for left and right handing.Made in Solid Zinc Alloy for long-term use,durable and stable.

Product Details

Inside door locks


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Model No.: 2592


♦ Applicable to many kinds of wooden door and metal doors. 

Trim: Made by Solid zinc alloy die-casting, raw material is from torch brand, top grade in China. 

 Master Mortise Lock:

1. Standard dimension design, easy and convenient for installation, Gear-operating mechansism inside,smooth,labor-saving and reliable.

2. First-creative revolutionary design for lock case, simple structure, stable and effectice.

3. High quality imported EGI(Electric galvanized)steel sheet for casing,thickness 2.0 mm,firm and strong,

4. 4.Solid investment-casting stainless steel for cam and rotor,strong and durable.

5. Solid stainless steel for back locking bolt and three-piece-bolt,hardened-steel rods inside,anti-cut,strong and high security.

6. Solid stainless steel for back locking bolt and thre—piece-bolt ,hardened-steel rods inside, anti-cut,strong and high security.

7. Solid investing-casting stainless steel for latch,strong and durable,easily reversible for left and right handing.

8. Solid stainless steel for forend (thickness 3.0mm) Forend in SS finish is processed by new surface technique with water-polished machine,the surface is smpther and more shinning,looks high class.


Strike plate and strike box:

Strike plate is made by solid stainless steel. Thickness 2.0mm.Strike box is made by high quality plastic material.

It is firm and tenacious,durable against bending



High quality solid brass cylinder(brass casing, plugs and pins)

High class computer keyway technology,7pins, processed with high precise CNC machines,pin-combination is much more than international standard, high security

Cylinder with anti-drill pin inside and extra protector ,double security guarantee.

With construction key function

Each set with 5 pcs keys+2pcs construction keys, all keys are made by solid brass, thickness 2.5mm.


Door thickness: 

Standard 35-45mm 


Supplying finish:

AB (US 5) – Antique Brass

AC (US 11) – Antique Copper

ACC – Antique Coffee Copper

AN (US 15A) – Antique Nickel

ASL – Antique Silver

BLK – Black Paint

BN (US 17A) – Black Nickel

CCH – Coffee Copper Highlighted

CP (US 26A) – Chrome Polished

YB-Yellow Bronze

DAB – Dim Antique Brass

DAC – Dim Antique Copper

DSN – Dim Satin Nickel

GP – True Gold Polished

NP – Nickel Polished

OAC – Oil Antique Copper

ORB (US 10B) – Oil Rubbed Bronze

ORBH – Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlighted

PB (US 3) – Polished Brass

SB (US 4) – Satin Brass

SCH (US 26D) – Satin Chrome

SG – Satin True Gold

SN (US 15) – Satin Nickel

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